Thursday, 8 December 2011

Easel Christmas Card

I know, I know  the stamp I used is "cute" and it is not my favorite style... but sometimes one has to create with the recipient in mind !

For the background I have used some Black Magic Core'dination cardstock in green and "free" papers from a magazine. I added gems and glitter to the front panel paper and placed a strip of patterned paper with added die-cut borders on top. For the main image I stamped the bear (another freebie) in a light colour of distress ink and coloured it with pencils. Then - this is where it gets exciting - I wanted to clear emboss the whole panel with clear powder, with the edges in glitter clear. However, when I grabbed my canister (I keep a few film canisters for my home made embossing powder mixes) I didn't realise this was the white and glitter powder ! But what a happy accident, as a few of the white grains of embossing reach a flow of clear powder they just look like snowflakes. You can see the effect in the detail photo :

I expect this is the last Christmas card I am going to make this year and I hope I will get some time to catch up with my other crafting projects...


  1. Sometimes we all have to do cute lol and what a happy accident :)
    Von x

  2. It's a lovely card !!

    Thank for the kind comment on CB.
    Can you guess i'm not able to go on straight line with the sewing machine!! So the trick is: make two 'artistic' messy line. You have to try it!

  3. New Look, New Blog Name for 2012
    Dear friends, by December 30th, I'll be saying goodbye to RIGHT BRAIN GLITTERS and saying hello to my new blogroom, which I named WE HEART PAPERCRAFTS.

    I just wanted a new look and a new name for my blog that hopefully all my fellow crafters can relate to and remember.

    My new room will have a monthly feature of inspiring craft artists in the blogworld; craft challenges; I'll be blogging about beautiful craft rooms and DIY projects. Of course, You will still be able to view all my previous posts in my archive section.

    I hope my followers will continue following me, and I'm inviting new friends to come and see my new blog room.