Thursday, 23 August 2012

Colouring techniques challenge

The Craft Barn has set us a challenge to use one of the colouring techniques shown by their DT. I plumped for the technique shown by Neil as I had in mind some detailed stamps that could use several colours, which can only be achieved by using markers !
The project below is one page of a book I am creating to organise my bits of stamped, embossed, punched pieces of card etc.. and the reverse has a pocket to insert these samples.

I have kept the design flat as there will be bulk at the back in the pocket, and simple as I have lots more pages to make for the book ! Stamps used are from Crafty Individuals.
Thanks for coming by,


  1. Such a good idea! I love the shape of your page and the simple stamped over fussiness. It must have taken you ages to colour each stamp so meticulously!

  2. Oh to be so organised :) lovely page for your book
    Von ♥

  3. A clever organisational idea. It's true markers are a great way to colour in stamps in different colours. The TH Distress Markers are on my 'if I win the lottery' list of things to buy!

  4. What a great idea - which I could be as organised! I love the old fashioned sewing machine. xx

  5. You sound very organised... Fab card.. or "divider" / page should I say.
    Thanks for playing with us