Thursday, 6 October 2016


Today marks my debut as member of the Craft Barn DT... I am incredibly proud and happy to join the "other side"...

Come and say hello on the Craft Barn blog where I am showing how I made this :

As soon as I saw the Imagination Crafts Rice Paper I had to have some. They look like the collaged images I'd like to achieve with stamps, stencils and inks but better!
The paper is more sturdy than tissue paper but similar in opacity, and has a slight texture to it because of the embedded fibres.

As I liked it so much, of course I couldn't face covering any of it with a toppers or embellishments in card making... Eventually I found how to best use this beautiful piece of paper in an object I would handle everyday and would be just mine. My OH has a chocolate habit and brought back this lovely metal box with only 6 chocolates inside but the perfect size for a DIY makeup palette.

I don't know about you but I have a host of eyeshadows, blushers etc... in mono, duo, quads taking lots of space when really I'd like them all in one place to keep the time it takes me to get ready in the morning to the minimum.

I lined the inside with recycled magnet pieces as ou can see below and my metal pans don't budge:

You can catch the full project at the Craft Barn blog.

Thanks for coming by,


  1. This is very beautiful--off to see how you made it

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Sweet box. Congrats on making the craft barn team. Whats that crazy cat icon doing in the middle of your eyeshadow? Whatever happened to VSC? Did the blog get hacked? They never even announced yhe last winners. Spooky. Hugz

  3. I have no idea where this crazy cat comes from. It's not in the HTML code and doesn't show in the RSS feed either. Just here, on this post.

    1. Solved the mystery...what a fantastic coincidence the "/blusher" I had written before happens to be an emoticon code, the blushing cat! Just replaced the / with a comma and the cat's disappeared!

  4. That paper looks really interesting Christine and what a pretty little altered box. And like Gail seeing the little cat image.

    B x

  5. Un super projet de démarrage !!!! Trop contente pour toi BRAVO !!!! Bises

  6. Great idea and beautifully altered! That paper is gorgeous!
    Congrats being on the Craft Barn team! They are very lucky to have you!! x

  7. Wonderful alteration. It has a lovely vintage feel to it. You know, It looks like something you would buy out of one of those expensive boutiques.
    Flo x

  8. Love the altered tin, and as I said on the CB blog I don't know these papers so will have to invest in some. Thanks for saying 'Hi' and Congrats to you too. I'm not sure who else is new to the team as Mickie wasn't sure when I asked. Interesting that you too are a long-term shopper at the 2 shops, perhaps we have spoken at one of the summer crafting weekends! Are you from Surrey or Kent? Jane X

  9. Hi, you wouldn't find me on the CB Facebook as I don't do Facebook. The CastleKelly FB page my daughter oversees, I love writing the blog pages but find the technical side a little challenging! Maybe in the new year I might take the plunge but the days need more hours in them to fit everything in. I live in Edenbridge which is on the Kent/Surrey borders and my Mum up until very recently lived very close to Sutton, so our paths might well have crossed.
    I look forward to your next Craft Barn project as the altered tin was very stylish and your 2 cards on the CI blog challenge were fab. Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. Jane X

  10. Congratulations on your appointment to the Craft Barn team - how fabulous. I'm already tempted by your description of the rice paper, so I'm heading over to see more.
    Alison x

  11. Congratulations! What a gorgeous project to kick off with too! Off to see more! xx

  12. Fabulous crafty make Christine and congrats on making the CB DT. Well deserved. Off to see the rest of how you made this beautiful piece.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  13. Oh, I see... this one! Nice to see it again, though apologies are in order for my daffy memory.