Friday, 22 February 2013

Inspired By Linda Cain

This week Paper Artsy showcases work by Linda Cain and I took my inspiration very closely from this project. This time I only had to contend with one or 2 problems, so things are looking up !

Like Linda I used distress inks for the background but because I started on a gessoed chipboard panel (it was grey so I had to paint it white) I encountered my first problem. If you've never tried this before know that distress inks do not dry on gesso... even after using the heatgun on it, the inks still moved ! Which is why the colours are not very strong as past a certain point instead of adding colour the cut & dry just moves it around.
Before stamping I sprayed the panel with fixative to avoid smudging.

I used stamps from Hot Picks 1205 (the flower), 1203 (the leaves and sentiment), 1204 (the butterfly), coloured the images with pencils and then used  a white gel pen as per Linda's technique. I had never done anything like this before and I was determined to try pen was not very cooperative. Although fairly new (less than a year old) the ink, when it starts flowing, leaves "dry" residue along with the normal gel. So I didn't go too far with this lest I made it worse !

Let me know what you think,


  1. Well, I think it's gorgeous! I've never tried distress ink over gesso (thanks for the warning!) I am also having white pen problems. Helen said she got a Sharpie white pen from Craft Obsessions that works well, so I'm going to try that next.

  2. Pour moi aussi le résultat est top, bravo Crafty !!! J'adore ce que tu as fait, même si c'est vrai au départ je me suis fait la réflexion que tu aurais pu encore accentuer tes couleurs (j'avais vu aussi ce post, et son tag ravissant qui donne vraiment envie de le refaire ou d'essayer sa technique!)... mais en te lisant j'ai compris pourquoi, tu l'expliques très bien ! C'est bon à savoir d'ailleurs... En tout cas, le résultat est quand même super, et j'aime beaucoup ta fleur aussi. Bon week-end !

  3. Despite your problems the background colours are fabulous, I still haven't cracked using a white pen to highlight although I keep trying. Love the finished card

    Sylv x

  4. Beautiful colours :) and so pretty :)
    Von ♥

  5. This is wonderful, the colours look lovely, no way can you tell that you had problems here! Have a great weekend xx

  6. Beautiful colours/design and love the "white" touches. Thanks for being inspired to join in our challenge.

  7. This is gorgeous! And in recognition of your beautiful blog I would love it if you will accept the Liebster award from me! Just click on my link for details! Please say yes!