Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Liebster Award

I am delighted to receive a very special award called the Liebster Award from Anne of Ink-a-Doodle-Do ! Merci beaucoup Anne (Anne lives in France) for selecting my blog, I need all the encouragement I can get ! Go and check Anne’s blog  and look up her recent Oriental screen card and her tutorial on Quilt like backgrounds. Not to be missed !


This award was designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. Once you've been nominated, you award it to five blogs that you like that have fewer than 200 followers, to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs.

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award onto your blog. Give the award to five bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this lovely award!

Here are the five blogs I think deserve a visit :

Jenni of http://jennisjems.blogspot.co.uk/

Paula of http://phcountrycreations.blogspot.com/

Come and play and discover new blogs...


  1. Thank you for your kind comments and the Liebster Award, this is my second today! I have you on my list so you will be receiving another award for your very inspirational blog very shortly.

    Sylv xx

  2. Me again, I have now published the award post, and have awarded you the Liebster award. Look forward to visiting you and all the other winners as you weave your magic and showcase your wonderful creations.

    Sylv xx

  3. J'ai moi aussi reçu cet award d'Anne, que je dois prochainement mettre sur mon blog, ne serait-ce que pour la remercier et la citer car je l'aime beaucoup. Bravo à toi aussi !! Bon dimanche, je vais voir ta réa du jour...