Friday, 8 March 2013

Inspired by Michelle Webb

For my entry for the Paper Artsy challenge I took a little bit of inspiration from 2 of Michelle's projects: Fragile Hearts and Old Door. I didn't go as far as Michelle with the stencils and I didn't apply white on top of the stencilled areas, but I stayed with her choice of green because I tend not to use green (not my favorite colour by far !) and I need to get out of a rut...
You will have to forgive the lighting, but the weather is miserable and I don't have my usual camera.

For stencils I used sequin waste in 2 sizes and a Chickenwire template (Crafter's Workshop).
The stamps are from Hotpicks 1207 (the girls) and 1204 (sentiment, dot texture).

Not sure if I like it but hey it's a learning experience, so honest opinions please...


  1. I like this, the bright green with the browns and hint of red work together. It is good to use a colour you don't usually go for helps spark the imagination, I find pink difficult.

    Syl xx

  2. It's good to get out of our comfort zone sometimes, isn't it?
    Fabulous card, I love the background, & the colours look great!
    Alison x

  3. Moi je trouve ton fond très chouette, même si le vert n'est pas vraiment ma couleur favorite non plus ! J'adore tes masks... Je serais peut-être allée juste encore plus loin, mais je ne sais pas dans quelle direction ! :) En tout cas j'aime bien, c'est joli sincèrement je trouve !! Bises

  4. I think you've done a great job. I love your stenciling. Your colouring is perfect.

  5. This is fab, I love the greens and the great choice of stamps x

  6. like u green is not my favourite colourbut love the design especially the recycling of the sequin waste ! x

  7. I really like it! Lovely colours, and the stamped image goes so well with the sentiment too. Love the dots inside the circles too. Michelle xx