' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Twofer with master board

Sunday 21 September 2014

Twofer with master board

I was inspired by Lelaina Lloyd who made a fun tag book for the Paper Artsy blog, you can see her creation here.

I produced my master board following her tutorial and, although I was concerned the water droplets were drying with no effect, I waited patiently as instructed and lo and behold awesome drips impressions appeared! I used the same stamps as Lelaina, from the Paper Artsy EEV06 set as the finishing touch.

However, instead of making a tag book I decided to replace a Post-It holder I made some time ago. I figured the paint on one side would make the construction more durable and I strengthened the inside with a piece of fabric tape. At the back I stuck a magnet so the holder lives on the fridge ready for action.

One of my favourite thing to make is embellishments so, instead of adding a bought metal tag, I made my own with embossing powders. This should have been fun but it turned into a nightmare!

I was using the Intaglio technique and used a piece of aluminium as a base (easier to heat up from underneath and not blow away all the powder) with WOW embossing Puff black. With just 2 layers of powder I stamped my "A few pencil notes" image (set ESN07 from Paper Artsy) into the EP.
This came out perfect: the stamp flattened the EP (Puff is grainy and doesn't "run" like standard EP) around the words ready for highlighting with a bit of silver. Sadly I took leave of my senses and when I die cut my tag I also embossed it which marred the depth I had achieved earlier.

I decided to do over... trying to salvage the EP by re-melting. BIG mistake... The Puff was now more gray than black, so I added a bit of black EP, this one is glossy unlike the Puff. The melted EP looked a mess, very uneven, and I hoped (to no avail) that it would sort itself out when stamping.
Well see the result for yourself... By this time I was so annoyed with myself I highlighted the raised areas with silver and called it Distressed & complete. On a positive note, I am entering my make in the WOW Embossing powders challenge.

I still had some master board, enough for another holder, when I saw the Artful Times challenge for this fortnight is to make a small book. It occurred to me I could make an alternative version of a Post it holder to keep in my handbag.

This is the book closed:                         and opened showing the tab closure :

I hope I haven't bored you with my tales of woe...


  1. For all your problems, it came out great!

  2. This looks great and is such a good idea

    Love Chrissie d

  3. Great and inspiring journey you had here with a fantastic outcome. You NEVER bore me!!!

    Sensational make, love the colours and shape:-) xxx

  4. Not bored me at all I so enjoyed reading it and learned so much from your post.
    Thank you so much for entering our challenge, I was getting rather red faced thinking nobody would - you have saved the day for us.
    Hugs, and Thanks again - Neet xx (Artful Times)

  5. Well done for persisting with it, well worth it. Thank you for joining us on Artful Times.

  6. Je ne suis pas sure d'avoir tout compris, mais suffisamment pour comprendre que la création de ton petit tag embossé t'a posé quelques soucis.. :D Je le trouve chouette comme ça en tout cas ! Bravo pour cette super idée de réa, vraiment sympa. Bizz

  7. What a great idea! I made a notebook with post-its in inspired by Lucy's post! I love the magnet idea - we're always looking for paper to make lists on and the pads can never be seen in the kitchen! I love your abstract design and colour choices!

  8. These look great! I love the colours & abstract design!
    Alison xxx

  9. It worked out great in the end - well done!