' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Gift bag from a blank sheet of paper

Sunday 29 November 2015

Gift bag from a blank sheet of paper

The idea for this make is the fusion of the Craft Barn's weekly theme of paper folding and Paper Artsy's fortnightly's theme of  Masterboards.

I first made a Masterboard using Leandra's now famous method, Fresco paints and heavy gel through a stencil. I added background stamping with motifs from ESN10 and EEV06 in colours.
Finally the foreground images all come from Hot Pick 1008 and have been stamped in black.

I was going to add some gilding flakes but decided they are too precious for my bag, which could well join the trash after one outing. Instead, I used a piece of partly used gold foil -ready made distressed look!- here and there using a glue stick.
I made the bag up following the instruction given on the Craft Barn blog here, except I arranged for the glued side to be less intrusive by placing it in the "spine".
I finished the bag by threading some ribbon as handles and voila one unique gift bag!

I forgot to mention the size, this bag is perfect for 5 sets of PA stamps (A5) so I'm keeping it for myself, you know, on the off chance...

I am also entering the Tando Creative (W2)challenge.

Thanks for coming by,


  1. Great masterboard and paperfolding! LOLing at your hoped for use of the bag..

  2. Hope you get the stamps-nice to have a bag ready I think. It is a very beautiful bag and thank you for the link

    Love Chrissie xxx

  3. I can tell you have a lovely inky session with this one Christine and a very useful gift bag as well.

    B x

  4. Flipping heck ...A whole gift bag!! Fabulous idea! OMG no need for Xmas wrapping paper, could just do these in various shapes and sizes and put the gift wrapped in tissue into the bag!!! And then they have a reusable bag too!! LOVE THIS!~Leandra

  5. what a great idea to use your masterboard for - definitely one to keep xx

  6. Stunning gift bag, this is just so delicious to look at!

  7. Now THAT is a great idea! Love it. Lx

  8. Fab gift bag - love the colour palette. Hope you get to fill it with what you want!

  9. What a great use for your beautiful masterboard!
    Alison xx

  10. Oh, mais ça c'est génial comme idée !!!! Et ton sac est super beau.
    Je te trouve de plus en plus brillante ma chère Christine, je te tire mon chapeau bien bas !! :D
    Moi j'ai réussi à prendre le temps de faire un masterboard tout à l'heure, mais hélas je ne peux pas le couper en morceaux ni en faire quoique ce soit car c'est pour montrer des techniques de resist lors d'un atelier prévu seulement en février.. on me demande déjà les visuels et les fournitures grr!!
    Du coup à mon avis, je n'aurais pas le temps d'en refaire un pour le challenge de PA, snif. :)
    Au fait c'est quoi le coup du heavy gel medium de Leandra?... Hum, je suppose que j'ai loupé un épisode.

  11. Love your Masterboards, the colours and design are gorgeous, love the gift bag too! X

  12. Great master board and bag - love the colours

  13. Gorgeous! Wow, what a lovely bag, definitely you must keep it for yourself. Yes, masterboards are very addictive. I love them.

  14. This is just lovely, thank you for entering it in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  15. Stunning!!! Love all the neutral colors with the black stamping. The bag shape is really cute. I am inspired to make some masterboards.

  16. It wouldn't go in the bin if it arrived at my house. Great use of your masterboard.