Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Owl and grey

Time for the November calendar page at the Craft Barn where we need the colour grey and an owl.

Let's get the apologies out of the way first...

The photo is pretty bad but there's just not enough light at the moment, between the days getting shorter and the sun shunning us in the UK so I used the flash.

And the page isn't very good, mainly because I only had one owl (from some magazine freebie) and my image transfer turned into a nightmare and I had no spare owls. Not sure what happened there, I guess it's the type of paper...

I inked my base in grey ink with a brayer and partially stamped the Impression Obsession Branches CAC, having masked the moon first.

To enhance the owl image which looked white after the transfer I added alcohol marker in a few places where I could make out the original design.

Hoping my next (and last page) will go better...

Also entering the Tando Creative(W3) challenge.


  1. A super page for November Christine, something about Owls that always make me smile.

    Thanks for you kind offer of help, I think I am slowly catching up and fortunately it's not been too busy this last week.

    B x

  2. Don't apologise Christine we all have probs with photo taking. (Personally I think taking photos is the worst bit about blogging.) This is a great make especially the owl image.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  3. Beautiful take on the theme and I love the owl. It is so dofficult to take a decent pic with the dukll days recently--sun here today for a change-yipee

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. He looks great sat there in the misty moonlight xx

  5. I think it's fine and your background is very atmospheric.

  6. I think you did a fab job, your owl is very colourful and the background is perfect for this time of year :D

  7. I do think owls create such a pleasing shape! Your owl really stands out from the dark background.

  8. A lovely November evening here. What a cute owl! Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Calendar Challenge.
    Jane x

  9. Your owl looks fine to me - he has a very modern look about him.

  10. Fab page and I like your owl! I also love your branches, I always like branches! xx