' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Dictionary Challenge Letter I

Saturday 26 November 2016

Dictionary Challenge Letter I

Welcome to my latest entry to the Craft Barn Dictionary challenge!

The letter is I and there are no twists. Plenty of choice... and that was the problem! I was mulling over and the only thing that came to mind was "indecision"...  but I couldn't decide!

Finally, in a reverse illustration process, I selected the stamp I have been wanting to show you for a long time, and picked a word that I could use with it.

Don't you think that cottage is lovely? Apart from all the logical reasons why a thatched cottage isn't entirely practical to live in, it would be my dream home.... one can dream!

This is one of the Art Stamps by Imagination Crafts, and I inked it with markers. This is the most difficult part of this project, since when inking you are looking at the mirror image of the actual stamp. Thankfully, being transparent, if you turn over the acrylic block you can check what you've done.
I did lose a bit of the definition, and it's my fault for using different types of markers with a different drying rate. Obviously you won't do that mistake!
My favourite markers for inking rubber stamps are the Zig Art&Graphic because of their soft and flexible tip, which doesn't get damaged like standard fibre tip pens do. I can't recommend them enough.

And, as usual, the definition and the letter, stamped on the Cottage's door, complete the page.

Doing this just reminded me how much I love these photo realistic stamps and want them all!
Thanks for coming by,


  1. Beautiful cottage and a great word choice! xx

  2. It is indeed an idyllic cottage and your colouring has given it a mystical, otherworldly quality.

  3. I think you did a marvelous job. Loved what you said about the drying rate of the markers. That would be something that would happen to me! Loved this!

  4. Idyllic indeed Christine, I think it must be in Suffolk's Constable Country.

    B x

  5. Laughed at you joke with the indecision lol

    Just love this scene you created

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Great card and a super word. Thank you for joining the Craft Barn Alpha Challenge xx

  7. The letter on the cottage door is just perfect as is the project. That is a perfect stamp to illustrate your word choice.

  8. Your card is certainly idyllic! Love it! xxx

  9. That stamp is beautiful - idyllic even!

  10. Lovely stamp. So glad you got to use it and such a great word for it!

  11. Great stamp to illustrate your word.

  12. Since I was a little girl reading the Milly Molly Mandy stories I've dreamt of living in a thatched cottage just like your stamped image. Sadly it will remain just a dream. Your chosen word fits the image perfectly and I love the way you have coloured it.

  13. Beautiful cottage Christine it looks so serene and peaceful. Great make.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x