' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Calendar Challenge Week 9

Saturday 1 December 2012

Calendar Challenge Week 9

This challenge is colour based and the Craft Barn asks us to use the Rust/Teal/White colour scheme.

My submission below has been coloured with distress inks and is my second try :

I have first stamped and embossed the script stamp and the Postmark stamp in clear powder, the main stamp in black embossing powder before applying the distress inks.
To finish, as it's a September page I added some leaves. I played alchemist and made up some copper paint and aged it with salt and vinegar as you can (hopefully) see here:
Now as to my first try.... Since Pan Pastels have burst on the craft scene, I have wanted to test colouring card with traditional pastel sticks, which although less practical and more messy than Pan Pastels, should be the same thing at a fraction of the price.
I have found that :
  • it's easier to achieve a smooth application compared to the Distress inks.
  • to get dark tones use very dark pastels as card is too smooth to grab lots of pastel, I didn't and the result was too pale (this is why I changed tack).
  • over the embossing the pastel behaved quite strangely as you can see in the detailed shot below. Unexpectedly the pastel stuck MORE to the embossing and this can be seen clearly on the area to the left in rust colour. However the pastel can be removed with a clean cloth, a little or a lot. If a little, the embossing looks fuzzy (no it's not the photo), an effect which I liked.

I will definitely try again !

Let me know what you think... of pastels, Pan Pastels and/or my page !


  1. Love the result of your alchemy I'm still on the fence re the pan pastels
    Have a good weekend
    Von ♥

  2. Lovely calendar page with the white embossing on the background and your rusty leaves! I think Pan Pastels are way too expensive especially if you already have chalks and pastels. But you've found a great effect which is what challenges are all about!!

  3. Love the vibrant colours of the calendar page, the technique with the leaves looks great. I must say I like both results will have to try the chalks I have a box my sister-in-law gave me last year.

    1. By the way, I didn't say in the post but I applied the pastel with a make-up sponge, in the manner that Pan Pastels demonstrators do it, and not direct with the stick on the card (too scratchy).

  4. Just a wonderful page, I've to catch up...

  5. Stunning!! the background is beautiful !!
    Thank for playing with us at the Craft Barn

  6. Ta page est absolument magnifique bravo !!! J'adore les couleurs, et la technique de Pastel que tu as essayé, au final c'est une vraie réussite ! Merci beaucoup pour tes explications, je tenterai surement l'expérience de marier les pastels et les distress comme tu l'as fait si bien, et sur des zones embossées. Quand à tes feuilles, elles sont vraiment belles !! Mais le sel et le vinaigre, c'est une blague je suppose?... A bientôt, bises et bonne chance pour tous les challenges du Craft Barn, moi j'ai arrêté faute de temps...