Friday, 7 June 2013

Inspired By Sue Carrington (2)

Sue returns to the Paper Arsty blog and I have taken inspiration, mainly, from her sewing box project. But I didn't have a wooden box to play with... what I DID have is a box, where I store my embossing powders. You'll see that I have only done the box lid, but mine is considerably larger than Sue's box. Not sure if I will paint the other half as I want to be able to close it !

I embossed some metal with a Ten Seconds Studio mould and applied Fresco paints, then highlighted them with wax crayons. This is in place of Treasure Gold, which is on my wish list but not yet in my stash.
I affixed the metal with texture paste to the box (so that the embossing doesn't get flattened) and painted it with 3 colours of Fresco in thin layers.
The background stamps are from the Hot Picks sets 1111, 1201 and 1202 also stamped with paints and the main image, stamped in Archival black, is from the Hot pick 1112.
Then, I HAD to use my latest home made stencil, a quatrefoil design. The paint seeped quite a bit under the stencil and it is partly because the sponge I was using was a bit wet. I then tried with paste with a bettter result.

Now just to clarify : in one of my previous posts I mentioned 2 other stencils that I'd made and from the comments I think some readers thought I actually hand cut the stencils.... Well sadly no, I have nor the patience nor the dexterity to cut so small and intricate stencils. Hand made yes, but I used a punch for one and a die (multiple times) for the other. I made the quatrefoil stencil with several cuts of a die (Memory Box) horizontal strips stuck on top of vertical ones (it works because the design is symetrical). Here's the picture, I haven't cut sticking out pieces because I reckon they will come in handy when I want to pick up the stencil full of paint/paste etc.. and it is for my eyes only, oh and yours...but you will understand !

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  1. What an interesting lid with some great ideas and images. I have done a similar thing with dies and punches to make stencils, but yours is brilliant - never thought to cut repeatedly. Genius touch to keep the sticking out bits. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  2. I love your box (yes, I do need treasure gold too!)
    Great stencil, it's very clever.

  3. Love the box lid, great stamped images and colours used. How very inventive creating your own stencils, l
    I have used cut outs before but have not repeated shapes to make a larger stencil.

    Sylv xx

  4. Great project. What did you use to cut the stencil from? I tried plastic packing from dies but it was too brittle. Have been looking for a suitable material, especially if I can up-cycle....

    1. Well I also love to up-cycle too... maybe I am just cheap... but I used the cover from an expensive looking car brochure. The card is thin, yet very stiff, and cuts well with intricate dies, plus it resists water a bit better than normal cardstock. When I run out of that, I used a biscuit packet chipboard.

      Of course, if you want the stencil to be durable, the most important thing is to make it waterproof, I sprayed mine with several coats of varnish, on both sides.

  5. Very, very cool ! I have no idea what treasure gold is,or anything you used either, but I think the finished project is super fab!

  6. This is fab, you've used some really cool stamps and I love your designer stencils xx