' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Inspired By Darcy Wilkinson

Saturday 29 June 2013

Inspired By Darcy Wilkinson

This week, on the Paper Artsy blog, Darcy has blown me away with her creations from bits of paper, cardboard and material. Love to upcycle myself but the skills are lacking... I wasn't going to magic an apron out fabric or make furniture out of cardboard, either of those would end up seriously wonky under my fingers!
But, I was inspired to make something for my washi tapes.
From the "might come in handy" stash of packaging I picked out a tube just large enough for the rolls of tape and long enough to contain twice my current collection.

I stamped the motifs from the PA Eclectica plate no 3 by Lin Brown on tissue paper with Archival Ink.

I applied several coats of gesso on the back to opacify the tissue to prevent the original design of the packaging showing through.

I stuck it on my tube and, since this was for washi tape, I added a strip of TH tissue tape, sealing with acrylic medium.

For colours I used 2 Fresco paints trying to get a dripping effect (very "in" at the moment), maybe I should have prepared the Fresco in a spray bottle, because the paint does dry quicker than I could grab my water bottle!

Darcy inspired me to try making some washi tapes colouring with Fresco paints but, as I had just made some, this will be a future project.

This photo shows how I store my DIY tape.
I kept this non stick backing from a large sticker sheet from my son's stash.

The bright pink piece is a specialty masking tape with very low tack, the top pieces are cloth tape from the pharmacy aisle, the others are also medical type of tape but I have no idea what it is called.

Don't miss Darcy's last post of the week, it's both creatively amazing and hilarious.

Now a little poll... how many rolls of bought washi tape do you own ?

I will start the ball rolling with my 7 tapes...


  1. Wow! I love your new storage, it's gorgeous!
    Alison x

  2. Uh, not sure I have any 'real' washi tape. Have about 8 rolls of small narrow tape of various types, usually cheap but pretty enough to catch the eye. They are probably not going to see the light of day now I have done it myself. Why buy when you can custom make and it's such fun........ Oh yes, sorry, forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!! Really like your storage boxes. Great colours and idea.

  3. I love your tubes, they look amazing!! I don't have any washi tape, but a few very short strips I made following Darcy's tutorial!

  4. Fabulous storage, looks like the tubes you get whiskey in. I have 2 of those, had them for years just waiting for the right project lol Well done, it's a great addition to your craft space.

  5. Fabulous idea for storage - they look great! I have 6 rolls of bought Washi. I made some, but used it all up. I have some strips, Fresco painted and just waiting to be stamped, but I'm eager to make some more. Thanks for sharing. I think I might have some containers like yours around in the midst of the muddle that used to be my kitchen! We're having a new one and it's a bit chaotic at present, but I must dig them out soon! Julie Ann xx

  6. Wow wow wow your tubes are awesome, I love the two colours you used and how the blended well together. These will make great gifts for wine at Christmas. I love your Washi tapes they are stunning especially the vibrant pink one. Fantastic idea of storing DIY tape on a old used sticker sheet fantastic :-) Kezzy xxx

    1. Just a precision... the photo shows 2 sides of the same tube! It's not a bottle tube but a much smaller, about 6cm in diameter, mini pork pies tube (Tesco finest if you're interested).

  7. What a great idea and so brilliantly done! Bet I could get my hubby to eat the pork pies!

    Lucy x

  8. Love love love how you transformed the empty tubes, fab idea for tape storage. Thanks for joining in with our GD challenge this week.

  9. what a great storage idea - love the cloth tape you've used, might have to hunt some of that out ! x

  10. Your tubes are just gorgeous! What does it mean...lack of skills!??Don't joke!

    Ehm I've got just 3 bought tissue tapes...the fourth one was spoiled from the start (too sticky). But now I have mines, and I'm so happy about them!

  11. So very pretty! Love the beautiful colors!

  12. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Way to up cycle! love the colors! These turned out fantastic!!

  13. Oh la la, ça aussi j'avais loupé... Tu as été super productive ces derniers temps !! J'adore cette réa avec ces tampons que j'aime énormément moi aussi... et les couleurs que tu as choisies sont belles !! Le résultat est superbe !!! Bises