' ' ' 'Crafty Endeavours: Dog under the sea

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Dog under the sea

And the award for the most bizarre challenge theme goes to...

the    Craft Barn

Yes Dog under the sea is the challenge this fortnight and obviously not an easy one!
Thankfully my mind wandered from dog to cat and catfish and I thought "dogfish... do I remember dogfish or am I making this up?" A quick Google later and I knew what I was going to do!

I have seen this technique a long time ago but had never tried it so this was my chance! On top of the picture (printed from an online pic of a real dogfish) I placed a small grip seal bag (Ziploc bag) filled in with transparent hair gel and a drop of Distress reinker.

I created a wooden panel using acrylic medium and Infusions (Paper Artsy) on base of thick cardboard and cut out the aperture.
I stamped the "Scale" from the Hot Pick 1201 (Paper Artsy) and added a shrink plastic tag with the Anchor from the same set, stamped in silver.

And in the end, I'm quite pleased with the theme as otherwise I wouldn't have tackled those 2 techniques on my list! You might think my dogfish a bit of a cop out but... I say fair cop!!!


  1. Love the setting for your picture it makes it stand out so well

    Chrissie xx

  2. cunning idea to fit the theme! I like the hair gel and DI tip! Lou x

  3. Great idea and thanks for the info on how you did this. Yes a most bizarre challenge this time :)

  4. You!ve overcome the tough challenge perfectly. I love the technique to create the water.

  5. You've created an aquarium. Cool. That looks like a must try technique. Hugz

  6. ça c'est GENIAL !!!
    Merci Christine, il faudra absolument que j'essaie ta technique, le résultat est super beau !!!
    Et ton aspect bois aussi est super réussi je trouve...Bravo, tu me surprendras toujours ! Bises de Guérande (près de la Baule)