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Monday 23 September 2013

Tried and tested

Some months ago I acquired a pack a A6 cardstock following a demo at the Craft Barn Extravaganza. At the time, I was seduced by the fact it could be used with alcohol inks and I was running out of glossy cardstock.

I only opened the pack last week-end to make cards (see the last 2 posts here and here) and was AMAZED at the result! The card looks and feels like any other smooth "stamping" card so I wasn't expecting it to behave any differently...

Maybe I am late to the party... I have heard of silk card before, I know Clarity stamps sell some (not sure if it is the same though) but I had never heard any glowing references.

I am not a paper specialist so I don't know for sure but my guess is that the card is coated with an  ingredient that sucks up the ink off the stamp. I do mean suck because on my very first stamping, I did my usual stamp, press all over, let it sink in for 20 seconds or so.... and then I had to pull the card off the stamp and for a moment I was really worried it wouldn't come off!

Enough talk, side by side my practice stamping on copy paper and the finished article on the silk card :

In this next picture the silk card and the practise stamping on smooth stamping paper :

I haven't tried it with Archival ink or Stazon but dye inks and pigment inks work well, just make sure the ink is wet and lift the stamp off the card as soon as you have stamped.
The pack I have is Cream but they also do a white and you can find it at the Crafty Individuals website here.

I am looking forward to trying it out with photo stamps since the best inking is done with a brayer and it means less ink on the stamp so if the card grabs more ink...

Hope this will be of interest... let me know if you already use a similar product.


  1. What wonderful stamped images, must try this card. Fabulous cards made using the stamped images love them both.

    Sylv xx

  2. C'est très intéressant en effet, merci pour la partage ! J'ai je crois un paquet de cartes similaires prises chez Crafty Individuals. A vérifier car je ne suis pas sure qu'elles aient les mêmes propriétés... Merci en tout cas pour l'info, et le fait que ces cartes du Craft Barn puissent être utilisées aussi avec des encres à alcool ! Bonne journée Christine. xx

  3. Just found this write up and I am so pleased that you are enjoying our silk card for stamping! It is amazing stuff and I use it myself all the time. Cheers, Jean x